1.      Digital Signage

Digital signage solution including Video wall Design and  integration, OLED Displays, LED, Interactive kiosks solutions. Our comprehensive suite of products and services includes system consulting and design, content Supply, Installation, Content management, interactive solutions, installation services, remote monitoring and technical support. Our client base covering retail, corporate communications, Media Companies hospitality, Healthcare, banking, entertainment and Retail markets providing integration solutions for corporates providing maximum usability for the commercial grade digital screens.

2.      LED /OLED Screens

We provide turnkey LED & OLED screen solutions. From scratch we are capable of building the steel structure along with the screen up to powering up and our after-sales service that covers the screen maintenance and spare parts and configuration.


Outdoor and Indoor capability.

High brightness, the sun won’t affect its visibility.

Durability against Rain/Dust (High IP Ratings)

Curved/ Non-Curved

Transparent/ Mesh/ Regular

Custom sizes and resolutions for far/near view

High viewing angle to impact a high number of traffic

Different mounting techniques

Different material (Steel, Aluminum, etc..)

3.      Audio Video Solutions

. Audio Visual / IT Systems Design
. Home Integration Systems Design
. IT WiFi – AV Systems Design
. Control Systems Design
. Flat Panel Displays- Curved Panel Displays
. Audio Public Address Systems
. Back Ground Music Systems
. Video Conferencing
. Interactive Systems
. Digital Projection
. Mechanization & Motorization Systems
. Concealment Systems
. Access Control Systems

4.      Networking & Structured Cabling

To achieve transparent and effective communication and ensure seamless data transfer, you need top notch cabling products provided by cabling and network infrastructure companies in Dubai. We AMSER technologies are happy to provide you with these and much more. If you have the need for superior grade structured cabling for your business premises, you have already taken a giant step towards achieving productivity and efficiency by connecting with AMSER technologies, one of the fastest growing structured cabling and
infrastructure companies in UAE. Our services are geared towards providing a complete solution for all business requirements. We cover the following areas –

1.    Planning, design and installation of structured cabling (Networking Solution including Active & Passive Networking components)

2.    Moving structured cabling to new locations and redesigning network infrastructure by adapting to office premises layout accordingly

3.    Making all kinds of custom addition and expansion of existing structured cabling systems

4.    Making changes in the plan level of cabling to improve and increase functionality of structured cabling

5.    Administration of structured cabling and network infrastructure

6.    Maintenance and repair of structured cabling With these cutting edge services, our company has taken structured cabling systems to a whole new level altogether. We take care of all communication requirements, including requirements for voice calls, video calls, conferencing and reliable and secure data transfer. These competencies give us a considerable edge over most other cabling and infrastructure companies in UAE.

5.      PABX

Being one of the leading PBX/PABX installation companies in Dubai, we AMSER technologies understand the need for high quality and transparent communication. The various business processes can only run smoothly when there is efficient communication between stakeholders, personnel, departments and offices. No matter how big or small your business is or how many people are under your employ, AMSER technologies is one of the few PABX Installers in UAE that can always come up with a suitable solution for all your telecommunication needs.

6.       Time Attendance & Door Access

*       Time attendance systems are of great importance at corporate environments to keep track of employees and the time they spend in the workplace. There are a number of time and attendance systems companies in
UAE. However only major suppers such as AMSER technologies dominate the scene when it comes to specialized time and attendance systems installers in UAE. Our products will serve to improve your work life by a significant margin and give you total peace of mind.

*       AMSER technologies offer some of the most advanced and feature rich door access control systems. We take our reputation and responsibilities seriously and offer solutions that are foolproof and secure. With our
solutions as providers of Door Access control systems and audio video solutions, we bring to the table modern and state of the art security technology and the scalability and flexibility to handle any situation or load. We give you a range of different options with our door access control systems and allow you to choose a method of access which best fits your requirements and your budget.

7.      Annual Maintenance and Repair

Computers and Display solution need regular care to keep functioning optimally. With the world class computer maintenance services we offer at AMSER Technologies, you would never have to worry about the health and condition of your IT Hardware’s. We are the one computer maintenance company in Dubai that possesses the expertise to not only identify problem areas in time, but also to carry out preventive maintenance and fast repairs so as not to let problems get worse and to keep repair costs from escalating. We also offer our customers the option to enter into annual, bi-annual, quarterly and monthly maintenance contracts as per their convenience.